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This dictionary was derived from the Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary Version published 1913 by the C. & G. Merriam Co. Springfield, Mass. As we restore our dictionary over the next few weeks, we will be adding enhancements from several additional sources. It should be noted that many of these definitions are a hundred years old. Usage and political correctness may have changed. Still, it's a good value for the money :)

The server crashed a couple of years ago. In January 2011, we began rebuilding the site. Currently the database is hopelessly mangled, but we are in the process of fixing that.

Check back in a few days and see where we are on this.

The dictionary we are working on has about 104,000 entries. We define a number of terms with a definition from the sources availble to us. We plan on including entymologies, identify the parts of speech, and a breakout of syllables.

While we get everything going, please try some of these articles.

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