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Server Systems was created several years ago to allow certain people interested in online civil liberties the opportunity to have a better firsthand understanding of issues relating to how the internet and the law interact.  The experiment has been an interesting one that has involved anonymous remailers, spam, email, usenet, weblinks, and a lawsuit with the state on anonymity. takes the experiment a step further to better understand how the internet interacts with itself. We are exploring database driven dynamic web sites, web services, XML, and other technologies.


One of the first issues to look at is the public domain usage of Dictionary information to serve dynamically created web pages.  In late 2004, using only one actual web page along with a backend database, we have generated over 107,000 web pages each with some standardized template content, and some unique content that is relevant to the word being looked up.  The major piece of unique content is of course the dictionary definition, but adding to this we are experimenting with various web services to automatically pull in various forms of relevant content.


A second project we have started is a repository of articles on various subjects. There is a lot of content out there on the web, and we are bringing some of it to you. Check out the stories.

Update - January 2011

A couple of years ago all of our technology crashed. Some of it was just restored this past week. The dictionary is gone, but is being worked on. In the meantime, some topics have been created. Try this information about travel.

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